“My School” Drawing Ruler & Stencil (2-Piece) Set – Only 75 Cents/Set
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“My School” Drawing Ruler & Stencil (2-Piece) Set – Only 75 Cents/Set
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custom nike shoes in store

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custom nike shoes in store

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Fits perfectly and looks good
I love this purse. I get several compliments on it. Its soft, easy to open up and dig into. Plus, the compartments are perfect for me.
These are really fantastic. Price was great and the quality is real. Nice job!
I have never been happy with a pair of glasses outside the Oakley brand. Until I bought these! They fit great and look great. And are very reasonable priced. I originally bought these for a beach vacation but now wear them almost every day. I really enjoy the style of these glasses. The polarized lenses are very comparable to the blue Oakley polarized lenses.
I purchased these nice glasses after I read its companys description, and believe me, all the claims are real. First of all, it comes with a zippered shell case and a microfiber satin pouch, both very useful for protecting the glasses. The glasses are light weight but very high quality and I wear them on my prescription glasses without feeling any problem or any uncomfortableness. Driving at night is much easier and safer for me now with these glasses. Despite its quality, it is in a very reasonable price. I received it in a short time and in a beautiful box. I recommend it to anyone who wants a high quality night vision glasses , and I will definitely purchase more for gifts.
Nice variety of geometrical shapes in both silver and gold tones.
Best Ratchet Belt on the market. I purchased one for every guy in my family including my 9 yr old nephew. The ability to size to fit makes it perfect.
Gave as a gift and hard the hardest time picking a color- she loves it though! I get why its so highly rated!
Bought for a Fathers Day gift and they broke immediately upon opening out of the package.
These are really nice but Tinnier then expected
This thing is awesome! Really cut down on my gingling cluttered key mess. You can use it one home no problem, just make sure to stack the keys in a manner that you do this.
I sweat a lot when I exercise. For a while I've been using head bands to help keep the sweat out of my eyes. Recently I tried one of the Halo bands while cycling and it performed beyond expectations. After using a different hat for running for a while I found out that Halo made a hat and I bought this one. It does what it is supposed to but there are a few oddities.

The design of the hat is different than any other that I've seen. The band and rubber strip that is the Halo signature is not fully attached. It is attached at the temples but free-floating over the forehead. I'm not really sure why this design was chosen. Because of this you can't just pull the hat on. Instead you need to set the Halo band where you want it then fit the rest of the hat on your head.

Comfort-wise, by design it is a bit snug. The rubber strip doesn't move at all on your forehead. On longer runs this can get to be a little uncomfortable and you will definitely have a horizontal stripe on your forehead when you're done. The sizing is done by a velcro strip in the back. This works better than clasp or buckle styles I've used in other hats.

The hat does a good job of keeping sun and sweat out of my eyes. That was my primary concern. Whether by design or not I'm not sure, but it seems that it redirects the sweat into the bill of the hat. This becomes visible after a while. I think I would prefer it to drip down the back than go to the bill. While I haven't taken it out on any really hot days, my head seems to stay cool enough. The color is great and matches most of my other running gear.

All in all, if you need a hat that will keep the sweat and sun out of your eyes, this one will do it.
A very sturdy and pretty wallet
Very pretty.
love the style but way too big for me
Good product. Thank you
This was top quality/name brand premium merchandise at a discounted price.
not siler at all !
Stellar socks. They are like sort massages for your feet.
It is too wide and keeps slipping if I try to wear it as a headband.
Great product.
Would by this as a gift
I've been using this for a couple of months now, great quality for the price. The strap isn't too short, it adjusts and has room to spare. I'm 5' 8" and it sits comfortably as it should by my hip with room to expand if I wanted it longer.
Comfortable.Well padded good fit
This is a very very cheap made purse.. the stitching on the inside fabric is loose and probably would tear if you put a wallet in the purse. I will be returning!
These are great for hiking or any sports activity. They have great ability to take sweat of your body. Very light materiel.
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