converse shoes with heart design

converse shoes with heart design

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converse shoes with heart design

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I thought for awhile before getting this purse. I am not into purses usually, but this one reminds me of a vintage medicine bag, and I love it.
Nice fit
This is a functional work bag that's also cute! As a tall lady, I like that the crossbody strap allows for significant lengthening. The dimensions are true to the description and the quality is good. Do be aware that it is *very* structured and looks like a briefcase. I'm cool with that since I got this for work, but it wouldn't look right with casual wear.

The downside for me is that there's not much room inside. It fit a notebook (about the width of a standard spiral), my wallet, a small makeup bag and a couple other essentials (pens, a chapstick, tissues). As you can see, that was stretching it and causes a slight bulge in the front.
Holds all my stuff and I get lots of compliments
Very satisfied w/your product
Perfect fit & very comfortable for lounging in cool weather. Great value.
Very happy with the Ridge Wallet. I can fit everything that was in my previous wallet, but it now takes us less space in my pocket. My cards and cash feel very secure. Easy to get them in and out when you want to and they don't fall out when in your pocket.
Great shorts. I am not too tall so most shorts are too long. These are a better fit. Well made and comfortable.
Fits as stated on chart. Color fast, no fade.
It's a good product,...........
I've owned this for about 6 months and it has held up really well with virtually no wear. I don't use my old wallet anymore. I only keep the most often used cards in it and swap in cards as needed. Right now I have 13 cards in it and its fine. The little storage pocket is great for change, but once you start putting in a bunch of cards it gets a little to tight to easily put folded paper money in that slot. Just a pull on the leather tab and you can more easily access whatever card you're looking for. If you are looking for a wallet that comfortably fits in your front pocket, this is the wallet for you.
Liked the quality and the color,also the way they fit.
very comfortable
They are loose and sloppy at the top. They are thick, warm and tall... just dont stay up well
Decent compression shorts for the price, but I found them not as high quality as the Jockey shorts I replaced with these. The legs definitely ride up more than I would like.
Super comfortable, good fit.
good fitting, white and no tag. great shirts
Not good for ear puller! My daughter pulls on her ears, which caused these earrings to bend and she has lost the backs like three times! These are not really good for active kids.
Good value
Looks great and fits great.
I bought it for my girlfriend as random small present. She can only wear sterling silver because she's allergic to other materials. She wore it for couple days already and no allergic reaction. Great product
These are cute and I didn't expect a ton for the price but a) they took a month to arrive b) when they arrived the posts were bent all to heck from the small bubble pack they were in ... I was able to bend them mostly back in place and most importantly c) there are NO BACKS anywhere in the pack. As in no way to wear these... So unless I poach a set from another pair of mine these are unwearable. Womp womp.
Waist size seems accurate enough, but they're cut for a twiggy leg person. Snug in the thigh you really notice it when bending at the knee, or going down the road on a motorcycle, as the pants climb up the thigh making you want to push them back down all the time.
Great quality!! I'll definitely buy again. Dockers make excellent wallets, my last one lasted for over 5 years!!
Loved the size
Good quality, comfortable fabric. They way socks work is that you pull your feet through the hole in the top until they are snug. You don't just put them inside your shoes and then put the shoes on. It goes: first socks, then shoes. These socks fit all my expectations, because I ordered socks and that's what I got. I'm wearing a pair right now, actually, and loving every minute of it!
Not for those trying to hide their man boobs or FTM chest, didnt take much away from the chest (32 down to about 31 1/2), it is a good athletic compression shirt though. Breathes and dries sweat very well.
They cam as described but too small for my body type as far as length goes. Sent back and didn't want a bigger size based on my waist size.
Nice pants fit great
love it, will probably order another in another colorécaniques-Automatic-Mechanical-Transparent