custom tee shirt diy

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Sturdy and beautiful, this back pack was a wonderful gift for my daughter-in-law who always has multiple things to carry! We both loved the leather. Very happy with my purchase.
Lovely nice and shiny and thicker sturdy quality than I expected
My son says he really likes Adidas brand. They don't ride up and are the right length for him. 6'2 220lbs got him the xl.
Hoodie was HUGE. I ordered my normal size and was drowning in it, it was so large. I would order an XS if you are a small/medium size. I cropped mine and it is super cute but if youre looking for an actual hoodie, size way down.
Not much to say about these jeans. They are classic rugged jeans that are comfortable and fit predictably. This wasnt my first purchase of 550s and it wont be my last either.
These shirts are not the same as the shirts I purchased at the store. The material feels cheap and the fit is on the small side.
Both of my kids really like wearing these glasses. They are practical, but also have style. It comes with a really nice case to protect them.
Love this!! Has alot of space to hold my cards opens all the way to see all the insides. Pocket for my checkbook as well as a zippered change pocket.. my favorite wallet by far.
Given as a gift to wear in the sun to prevent sunburn.
1.That the cash slot is bought separate from the main wallet pieces is ridiculous. It should be a main piece.
2.The cash slot needs to be redesigned. Currently not easily functional.
3. Make the cash slot compatible to both the UE version.
I popped these shades on and immediately fell in love. Light weight coupled with a Cablz and I've got my Sunglass setup for the next few years. Although Aviators are a love or hate. The shape of these lenses along with the quality of the polarization MJ offers is hard to top. I really appreciate the temple measurement of 120mm is a perfect fit for me. My face is oval shaped and I was always concerned with how aviators appeared on me. I was never won over, until now. These Aviators are second to none. Definitely buy them here, not the manufacturer.
I have worn and trusted the Dickies brand for many years. The big test with any clothing item is how well is it after washing. These socks pass the test. They are comfortable and supportive.
Just like the ones that you can buy at a PX shop on a military base.
Beware- I washed this sweatshirt with like colors in cold water using gentle detergent, but it bled red dye onto other articles of clothing in the load. It ruined a pair of pants. Wouldnt buy it again.
One of the pieces I purchased for our anniversary. She is very happy with this necklace. It is beautiful, an attention grabber for sure. Recommend.
My husband had knee surgery and needed non-slip socks. The hospital provided socks seem to be one size fits no one. These socks are stretchy and fit well, even with wider feet. He loves the comfort, fit, cushioning, and non-slip feature. We have stained cement floors at home, so the socks are great around the house. I have ordered these twice now. They hold up well in the wash.
I got this Jewlery about a week ago. The Jewlery had some good pieces and Not so good pieces. But I couldn't separate the good pieces from the other ones..But overall was good Jewlery..
Truly long leg
Best part was the price. To me it looked like when you pull a t-shirt or night wear over your head and can just see out. It has a rumpled look that ends above your shoulders--not something I'd wear to the grocery store... And, something I haven't had happen before--it got stuck on the exhaust of the dryer which caused bright pink circles burned into the fabric like an unattractive rash on the side that stuck to the dryer.
Late arrival. No good quality. Torn bags.
Nice quality watch! Highly recommend.
Good guy
It seens ti hood quality, but the size recommendation had wrongs sizes for the meassures given, it's necessary review this data and adjust according tho te real meassures
So I ordered 3 of these polos first order was an Xl it was skin tight felt more like a large, second order was a 2xl it was so huge like a 4xl and Im 240lbs very muscular, third order was another xl this was more like between a 2xl and 3xl sizes are way way off
Great easy and simple brand of pajama pants!
I really can't review this personally because it was a Birthday gift for a 9 yr old Girl
but she's happy with it and it runs OK so far.
Med fits more like a typical LG.
Phenomenal quality for the money and stylish socks