customize your soccer shoes

More Than 30 Years As Excess & Closeout Buyers
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More Than 30 Years As Excess & Closeout Buyers
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More Than 30 Years As Excess & Closeout Buyers
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customize your soccer shoes

H&J Closeouts has been excess and closeouts buyers for more than 30 years now. We understand the needs of our customers and meet those needs by providing speedy service. Rather your inventory isn’t selling, you overbought, or have bills to pay. H & J Liquidators and Closeouts will help make this process easy and stress free.
We purchase various types of inventory including excess inventory. From general merchandise, liquidation merchandise and closeout products. We help you turn your excess inventory into cash fast!
No matter the size or you type of your excess inventory. We purchase all types of closeout products including excess inventory, general merchandise, liquidation merchandise and closeout product of all qualities.

customize your soccer shoes

For 30 years, H & J Liquidators and Closeouts, Inc. has been buying closeouts. With our industry expertise as closeout buyers. We are able to quickly and efficiently evaluate your merchandise. Simply fill out our online form with the requested details of your inventory. The more information the better, as we can determine rather or not we’re able to purchase your excess inventory.
Our process is simple we purchase, pick up, pay you for your surplus inventory upfront.

Whether you have large quantities for sale, or small quantities of products available for purchase. We seriously consider each and every offer that we receive to help you turn your merchandise back into money.

customize your soccer shoes

If you want to sell your overstock and surplus inventory to H & J Liquidators and Closeouts, Inc. today, simply fill out our online form and attach any necessary photos to help us make a decision. We are always looking for new closeout to buy, meaning that there are always opportunities to sell to us! As with most closeout buyers or any inventory buyers, we’re always open for business. We understand business, paying the bills is a 356 days a year. That’s why we’re always looking here for you, and we’re sure to become your go to closeout buyers.
Choose H & J Liquidators and Closeouts, Inc. to sell to a company with decades of experience in handling excess inventory and liquidation merchandise. We offer you fair pricing and outstanding customer service to make selling your excess inventory as simple and fast as possible.

customize your soccer shoes

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I wanted a bag that wasn't too little and not too big and this really works. It's not bulky and it looks very nice. I can either put the straps on either shoulder or I can use it as a backpack.
great for the price. feels good in the hand
glasses are garbage, the lens is not attached to the frame and it is very thin plastic. Does anyone know how to get a refund?
I bought these back in September before my trip to Cabo and TBH, I was expecting some garbage sunglasses that I wouldn't mind losing but to my surprise I reaaaaaaaally like these!

For $25 you really can't complain about the build overall. Lightweight but surprisingly durable. The lens are a bit darker but then again these are polarized. The arms are actually a bit long so if you're wearing a hat then the back of the arm might hit your hat but no a huge complaint and the arms themselves easily and quickly snap open or close without worrying about breaking.

I own a pair of polarized Ray-Bans and compared to those, these are actually really good. If you're on the fence, I say get them. You get a dope case for it as well as a microfiber bag and cleaning cloth along with some stickers and tattoos.
Fits great. A little thin for me.
If you wear a hat size 7.5 or larger, these hats wont fit. Im 7 3/8 and the clasp is at the extreme end of the adjustable back strap. For smaller heads only. Nice quality though.
These fit perfectly. I have a very long torso and these undershirts fit perfectly and stay tucked in, unlike my other undershirts. Will definitely buy again.
Who cud go wrong with this hoodie cheap n fits great
Very nice Jean's for the money. Very good price co.paring to 80.00 at department stores.
I'm 5' 11", but I have a long torso and my legs are only 30". Shorts that would be at or slightly above the knee for most fall an inch or more below my knees. Current styles seem to favor a longer inseam and that makes finding shorts that fit off the rack nearly impossible. I also have pretty thick, muscular legs.

These are light and airy shorts. The material is soft and super comfortable, but probably trading comfort for long term durability. These are probably not good active shorts. Casual hikes and bike rides are fine, but more than that will likely wear them out quickly.

These shorts fit me perfectly. I'm a size 34 but went for a 36 because when wearing shorts I like the extra looseness and space. A 34 would be more form fitting but really shows objects in pockets (such as a wallet). The lightweight material does very little to mask pocket contents so these aren't good shorts to stuff with items or you'll quickly get a "chipmunk" look. The pockets are roomy and deep. Perfect for my cell phone and thin clip wallet.

I have a fair amount of keys (2 car key fobs and around 10 regular keys), and these shorts don't like them. The soft material allows the keys to jab me in the thigh. I usually un-clip my car keyfob and leave the rest of the keys in my car if I'm out and about.

Bottom line, the pockets are roomy and capable, but ideally, you want to carry as few items as possible in them. That might be a negative for some, but I really prioritize fit and looks for these shorts, not utility.

I've never, ever gotten a compliment on shorts, but I did with these. And I'm pretty sure it was less the shorts, but the fact that I was finally wearing some that actually fit my weird body and showed off my legs better. It was odd wearing them at first, because having worn too-long shorts for so long, combined with the lightweight feeling of these shorts, I felt oddly exposed. Like I was in my underwear! It takes a little getting used to, but when I walk by a long mirror or store windows and see my reflection, I think "Hey, looking good!"
Seems to be a good hat. I ordered a XL hat like I normally do and in this case it was too large.
Washes great! Light enough for inside, but warm enough for outside.
Very convenient to use
These are okay shorts. I really wish the waste band was elastic. There is a non-elastic string to tighten the waste. Good for the price, i guess.
He loves it
These Wayfarers are a great price and exactly what I was looking for! Highly recommend!
Came in original Ray-Ban Box, and perfect condition!
It was a nice bracket. I liked it a lot.
Not true to size
A great purse for the price! Lots of pockets for stashing things, I use it for travel only not everyday and it's great. You can wear it under a jacket or on your shoulder or across the body.
Well made and durable. My daughter is short-waisted and this bunched a tiny bit in the middle (which I expected), so I am assuming it fits a size 7 "regular-sized" kid perfectly. Might be too short for a long-waisted child, and a bit baggy for a very thin one. Colors are prettier/suit is cuter in person.
Absolutely loving it.
Great sunglasses for the price!
My grandson loves his new watch. A little tricky to program but arent they all?
Must looked at over 100 sunglasses
And always ended up back at polarized raybans.
Made in Italy not China. You can Tell the difference right away.
Definitely polarized.
For the money its these.
Works great
Surprisingly satisfied with this Gildan product. Have not been a fan in the past, much prefer Champion products for sweatshirts... that being said, this sweatshirt may have converted me for the broken in soft comfort that this sweatshirt delivered. Used this product to apply vinyl design and took and washed very well, minimal to zero shrinkage.
The shorts,both pairs, are great!!!They look pretty dapper and fit perfect for basketball at the rec center- not loose, not tight. I am 510 tall 175 lbs,medium build and put them through their paces often with no unusual wear appearing yet.
They are underwear. Its under Armour enough said.
It was white it went on easy bit it didn't do a thing I even went one size smaller then recommended
Very pleased with the quality, color and the security this wallet offers.