“Love” Decorated Mini Photo Holder Magnet with Heart Charm
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“Love” Decorated Mini Photo Holder Magnet with Heart Charm
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local custom t shirt design

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local custom t shirt design

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My BF loves these glasses! He gets them every single year. They are very durable and have great polarization. He always gets compliments on them. The accessories that come with them are also a great plus. Ive even found them to be a lot better than the brand name glasses you find at stores.
Exactly what I was looking for except the quality should be better. That is, the thread at the sleeve came unraveled after wearing the shirt a couple of times.
A little larger than expected. Should have ordered a size down. Other than that, no complaints!
Broke in a week
Looks great and works well
Great quality, great fit, great price!!
I was looking for a nice travel crossbody bag for my upcoming 2020 Alaskan cruise. I was drawn to this bag because of the features and a few colors. I ended up getting it in black.

This bag has very nice safety features that is awesome for traveling and an alternative to carrying a huge purse. I cruise alot and this is a great choice when u get off the ship.

The bag is very light. The back of the bag has a pocket but doesnt have any closure. It measures about 8 1/2 inches deep. It could be good for documents or items u need to reach quickly. The front of the bag has 2 zippered pockets. The great thing about the zippered pockets is that it connects and locks to a hook on the side of the purse. This helps prevent someone from unzipping ur bag. Both pockets measures about 4 inches deep. The top of the bag has a zippered closure. It measures close to 10 inches deep. The purse has an inside zippered closure pocket that measures close to 6 inches. The other side on the inside of the purse, there is a section that has credit cards slots. It has RFID technology. The other inside pocket is large enough for maybe a cell phone, pens or whatever u like. The inside is light grey and the material feels like a rain jacket - possibly waterproof without feeling plastic. The outside of the purse is made of some sort of waterproof material. The bag and strap is slash proof. The strap end has a hook that locks to the bag.

Overall, I am excited about this bag. I cannot wait to use it. The price is reasonable especially given the features. This bag is very plain and basic looking but is a powerful little thing.

I will leave another review after it's used. I attached pictures to help with ur decision. I give it 5 stars due to quality. But if anyone is uncertain, give it a try.
Its a tad smaller than I imagined but its still great and the quality is nice. I like all the little compartments it has!
Perfect size for both my husband and myself. Can embroider easily since the dome is low profile and pliable.
Fits a little small and super light weight. No inside pockets. That's a bummer. Provides maybe less warmth than a good sweater.
I bought this wallet as an early birthday gift for my husband. He loves it! His only complaint is that its sometimes hard to get his cards out and find the one he is looking for. He loves how thin and compact the Ridge wallet is and would definitely recommend it to a friend!
Great glasses!
my husband loved them
I love them just the right size for my granddaughter and I dont have to weary about her losing them
Love them!!!
I don't wear these so I don't know how to review them other than to say my husband really likes them!
Excellent, but there weren't any pockets
Wife loves it!!
One of earrings delivered without clamp to hook earring into ear. Unable to wear, very disappointed
Love it. Plenty of pockets and not too big or too small. Love being hands free. My only complaint is that the buckles slide.
Like being barefoot.
Ordered the mountains and they are so cute just as pictured and they came in cute envelopes! The charms are bigger than expected though which I didnt mind but if youre looking for something smaller just fyi
Very nice
Great bag. Exactly as described and seems sturdy
Colors are dull not like pics
Great construction with tight seams in the leather. Everything has a comfortable feel. Exactly as specified.
Leather scratches easily but its a very nice wallet overall
I got these for my husband, who is kind of picky about sunglasses. He is really happy with them. He says they look pretty sturdy & he like that they are polarized. I can imagine we will be buying more of this brand in the future. He was really impressed with the nice case which came with them. The case even has a carabiner attached to it, which also impressed him. It is pretty impressive when you open the box & empty out all the components enclosed.
https://www.adfeb.com/francepersonnalis194eio58f https://www.adfeb.com/produit441/Levis-Bottes-Bottines-classiques-Hommes