11″ Officially Licensed Philadelphia Phillies Jumbo Pen
New Sale Items!Save 95% OFF Retail Prices!custom made shoes kitchener
11″ Officially Licensed Philadelphia Phillies Jumbo Pen
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custom made shoes kitchener

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custom made shoes kitchener
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custom made shoes kitchener
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custom made shoes kitchener

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It was to little but its very cute
These earrings are so pretty. Bright. Shiny. Look so nice and expensive great quality and even better price.
Got the wrong product & hopefully the would be able to get the second one right.
Was just what I was looking for to replace my husband's worn out one. This was very light and much thinner than I was expecting.... great surprise.
Great quality and fit for my XxxL husband. He said they were comfortable
Great glasses for the price, comes with hard case, soft case, & lense cloth!
The jean material is quality, color is satisfactory, but the overall fit and cut was not what I expected. I was hoping for a more snug fit. The crotch and butt area were too baggy for my liking. I will just use these jeans as work pants.
This has been the best cap I have ever bought, and I have purchased many over the years. The price was right and it looks great over my head. I bought another color and will buy more in the future!
These sit weird so you cant see the detail
Way too see through but does seem to keep me cool only has one thread run since washing and drying
True to size and material is soft very well made love them
Exactly what I was looking for, very simple and cute
This was a gift for someone. He seemed to like it
Loved it!
Even though the size guide gave a different range of waist sizes than the waist sizes on the actual label of these boxers, they fit fine.
Underwear for the kids. If they are happy, I am happy.
Exactly what I wanted.
Great hat.
Good watch and looks great - somehow already came with an alarm set though and I have no idea how to turn it off - will need more time messing around with it for a while... for now it's sequestered to another room where it won't wake anyone up at 2am every day lol. Other than that it's great quality.
The real deal..
For the price this cap was disappointing because it does not fit snugly on the head and the stitching at the top is poor quality so there are wrinkled bumpy areas that are uncomfortable when wearing it. There are other caps that are better quality and more affordable. Chill Its is just a cleaver marketing name and apparently that is what you are paying for.
The bottoms fit perfectly but the top was somewhat large.
Side pockets could be bigger
Love it. Light weight and lots of storage space.
The quality of the shirt is fine. but it was significantly small. I have several styles of Haines T-shirts in my closet all in size L. This style fit much tighter than any of the other shirts. IF I decide to buy more, they will have to be XL.
Nice Hat Fits Great
Great product. Love all the pockets so that I can be better organized with all I need for the day. Very well put together and I definitely would order again. Have been using it for six months and have zero concerns or complaints. You're gonna love it.
I carry this as my everyday purse.?Everything I need fits and it is great to sling it on your back and have your hands free.
I really liked this, I gifted it to myself , Only thing I wish there was an option to choose a size because my wrist is very small and it ran big but I'm still happy with the purchase and I would definitely recommend it .
I really like it but they too long for me. But they good and soft
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