11 lbs of Assorted Misprinted keychains
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11 lbs of Assorted Misprinted keychains
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design my own golf shoes

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We offer a wide range of wholesale keychains to meet the needs of your customers, events, or giveaways. We understand that key rings came in all sorts of themes, so we’re always keep up with stock to fit your needs. We are adding wholesale items including keychains to our inventory list daily. H J Closeouts has no minimum order, so you don’t have to buy in bulk to get keychains at wholesale prices. Since you only have to order by the case, you can get cheap keychains at the quantity you need.

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Just some of the wholesale keychains that we carry include national sports teams, American flags, key chain flashlights and key chain tape measurers, among others. We virtually have everything that you may need to operate the key chain portion of your business. This makes H & J Closeouts your one-stop shopping destination to supply your merchandising needs. Whether you are dropshipping products, supplying merchandise to small retail chains or selling your items elsewhere, we have everything that you need for high-quality products at extremely low prices.

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design my own golf shoes

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This bag has a lot of space on it I love it
I like the grain on the leather. Comfortable and good sized.
love them nice fit
I like these even better than the Gold Toe all cotton socks that I've enjoyed for many years. These still have plenty of cotton but without shrink and with stretch. Easy to handle and very comfortable. Highly recommended.
Beautiful necklace. My grandmother loves it. However, you cannot present this to anyone without having to do it yourself, which takes time.
Fits well. Nice look. Can't go wrong for $9.
Verdaderamente, se ha desgastado muy rpido, esperaba que durar ms.
The earrings look high quality, and love the price. The gold color of them is very yellow and doesnt match my other earrings I wear, so you might want to be mindful of that aspect. But overall its a good product!
I like the variety of pockets, and it's a nice size. The color is very versatile. The nice thing about this bag is that it isn't heavy at all. The zippers are nicely finished and work well.
I love them, just to let you know I am a woman with skinny size 11 feet, women's never fit me these fit me perfect.
I bought 4 of these and they seemed to work best. The only problem I had was setting the trap !! getting my hand caught in it. Some have a hair-trigger SNAP, the others didn't. When that thing snapped shut on my thumb (both actually) it hurt so bad and turned black and blue, it was horrible. If you get these just be super careful baiting them. I kept using them anyway, and actually caught about 5-6 rats. It's kind of disgusting but it's better than having them roam my house every night when the sun goes down and the house is dark (bedtime). They got into EVERYTHING that was left out in the kitchen, and all over my living room too. They leave their feces everywhere and I feel dirty in my own home! It was so gross!!! A few of them only lasted for about 2 catches, after that I baited and set them the same way with no luck. I bought the metal trap, but it didn't work. I also tried the "bucket of water with a small water bottle that you load up the middle of the bottle with peanut but. followed the directions on a youtube video - no luck with that either. I also bought the "sticky pads" that you lay out - the bait on them supposedly smells like peanut butter (they seem to love that stuff). I think I only have one more small one left and that little bugger just won't take the bait with those sticky pads, so it's back to the DEATH TRAP. After that if ANY are still in my home I'll be calling in the experts. I spent enough money and time, as I was determined to be able to do this. If I had it to do all over again I would just call the experts!
LOVE IT!! Chala is great brand! Their bags and purses are made really well!
The sleeves are an inch or two too long.
Fit as expected. Bought to decorate for Xmas
They were too small, I returned them. thanks
DO NO WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS HAT!! .. Description states it fits most heads! .. It is a very small size hat, but I guess if you want to buy it for a child, it is probably ok. .. Not for adults! .. If you want to return it, you have unbelievable instructions .. AND .. You have to pay .. again! .. What a colossal Rip Off!
pretty good,love it
Very nice sleep short. Stretchy, soft and comfy with covered elastic waist. Really nice!
Husband approved and said they are good!
Love this bag. So roomy, but lightweight. Using it as a purse.
Great-fitting and comfortable shorts, with the best cell phone pocket I've ever worn.
Wanted a black hooded sweatshirt and I could not find one in any store that would fit properly. Was happy to find this product on amazon. It fits just right and it was a great price!
Still wearing today, over a year and a half later!
These are not the same quality as they were a few years ago. They were an inch too long when they arrived, but thankfully shrunk in the wash. The fabric is still not as smooth, however.
Very happy with this purchase. It is a gift for my daughter ... Think she'll love it.
Got two of these shirts for my husband just to see how good the quality was and I'm definitely going to buy several more. The white tees I've been buying him have become very sketchy quality, with the material becoming thinner and the shirts not holding their shape after just a few washings. I recommend these.
I love it !!!
I gave it 4 stars because it was a silky material which I dont like that much, but it has a lot of slots for cards which I like! But overall its great
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