11″ Novelty Jumbo Giant Plastic Retractable Pen – Black
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11″ Novelty Jumbo Giant Plastic Retractable Pen – Black
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shoe design sketch

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Sooo cute! And soo comfy
Bought two of these for both my daughter in laws. They love them. Very good quality. Perfect gifts.
Very nice sturdy, comfy handbag. Goes with many outfits.
Really nice glasses. I really like how I sometimes forget they are on my face. They are very durable and the fact that no one can tell they are just for fashion is even more awesome lol
Very beautiful and cute . My daughter loves all 20 pairs of it .Easy to wear .
Good for working out in
Finally a cap that fits my thick skull. I have had a very hard time finding a cap that fits my head and this one does the trick. Nice look and quality too.
Nothing special. Cut large...
Thin mask but cool looking. Has ear holes that help keep it up. Wish it had a filter for extra protection during this pandemic... I make son wear Surgical Mask under this 1.
Great price great product
It works well
Good for the price, the quality of cloth is below expectation.
Likely the right people won't even see this review, but the last two pairs of these jeans the button holes have come unstitched. My husband has a pair that's at least 5 years old and the button hole is still intact. One pair with that issue is somewhat forgivable (somewhat), but TWO pairs? I'm not the best seamstress, but I can do a button hole. However these are challenging as if you look, you'll notice they aren't like most buttonholes. I'm just hoping I can do it so it's not too large, not too small. I should NOT have to be doing these at all. FRUSTRATING.
I LOVE this bag so much! It it the perfect size and the patches of the solid color really make it look nice and fancy! I bought it in the bohemian blooms and the colors are just beautiful! So glad I bought i!
I wrote a 'real' review for this product and amazon would not post it, so trying again. These shirts are extremely too large. I am 6'3 and the XXL (not Tall) came down to past my thighs. Not sure who can wear these, but I tried another product and returned these. Items were not in one package, but some loose in the bag, so not sure if they are used/returned or where they come from honestly.
Light weight long sleeve shirt is perfect to ware under a t-shirt for the cold mornings in the fall.
Fit as expected. Look good and are a nice quality , soft fabric.
Nice high quality good and accessories. Looked goofy as heck on my husband.
Designs and style is cute and fun for young girls although accessories like these should always be marked a few dollars cheaper
Not a lot of difference between the first pair that I purchased as a medium and this as a small. Feel like I wasted money getting the medium shorts.
Ive now purchased two of these shorts in small and the medium pair just sits there.
Aside from that, I love the shorts and having pockets. I kind of wish that at least one of the pockets was more aligned down the side of my hip instead of front groin area.
Perfect front pocket fit! Hold all I need. And doesnt interfere with my phone in sane pocjet! Great magnet.
Too tight
Took these shorts on an overseas trip where I planned to wash my clothes in the sink and then air dry (so as to avoid large suitcase). This worked like a charm. The shorts are comfortable and dried overnight after being hand washed and toweled dry.
Finally found a pair of jeans that I can order online that fits correctly, good fit with sufficient room in the crotch and not too tight around the legs, comfortable break-in-able feel and a nice variety of colors. I have about 6 pairs now and I just re-order them from here when I need a new one.
Wish I could return it
As described A.+. Love it.
It was a little to big but other than that, its perfect. I can swim with it on, and it matches every outfit!
Great fit and but I was dissatisfied. Did not offer better cooling compared to cotton.
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