“Best Friends” Photo Mouse Pad – Holds one 6″x4″ Photo
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“Best Friends” Photo Mouse Pad – Holds one 6″x4″ Photo
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custom shoe maker uk

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custom shoe maker uk

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exelent quality
Comfortable hat and easy to adjust size. Has a nice curved bill as well. Color was as expected.
To small and zipper didnt look like it was going to last to long.
The size seems pretty accurate. The biggest thing I'm disappointed with is that the description states that there are zippered pockets and back pockets. No such pockets exists. The description needs to be updated.
Product look like a bootcut. Thought it was slim fit
These are my new favorite suspenders. It's only on rare occasions, when the dark blue color would clash with my outfit, that I don't wear these.

What I like:
Cosmetically: the dark, neutral blue color, Navy, can go with most of my outfits; and the silver of the hardware goes well with the suspenders and everything else.
The materials are very good and I haven't seen any sign of degradation even after frequent use. The stretchy material is still like new as is the leather.
The hardware all functions very well- better than most of my previous suspenders.
The X-back is great. It's at a good angle, holds up the pants better than a single, and, in my opinion, just looks better. Most importantly though, the X is fixed, preventing misalignment and slippage like there is when suspenders have an adjustable loop in the back.

What I don't like:
The suspenders are a little on the short side, at least for me. Granted, they fit just fine, and I do have a peculiarly large torso, but I would have preferred, just for looks, that the clamps sit higher than they do.

I'm giving only 4/5 stars because, despite the fact that I like these so much:
1- I would like the clamps higher
2- I feel that 5 stars should be reserved for suspenders that are "just wow," having all the functionality of these, but also sporting other aesthetic elements that are not present here.
And yes, I know I bought what I bought, but 5 stars is going to be something both functional and probably having something like treated leather.
Love this clutch. Holds all the essentials in just the right places. Best part is I can use it alone or just pop it into my handbag like a regular wallet. This is the second one I have ordered. Would highly recommend this particular design.
Amazing!!!! You will forget you have on underwear
Comfy socks
This are thick, warm, cushiony and comfortable. Highly recommended.
Large and amply can hold 2 pair of glasses!
i was excited to receive this since it was a great price and looked colorful. I wore it 3times and the leather broke. Very disappointing
These are very comfortable underwear. I like the "no label" design. They meet my expectations and requirements. I recommend them to anyone that prefers boxer style shorts.
Way too large. I have ordered before, but now I cannot order jeans like this via amazon. Totally too large. Pants measured 42x34 instead of 36x34
Bought as a Christmas gift. Son liked it
Bought for my hubby and he likes it...
This purse has everything I like, nice size, convenient pockets, one strap, and a very soft supple leather. I'll look for one in the fal for my winter purse.
I simply love it
fits right , good fabric , and has the rivets and other details. 501's are cut to a closer fit than other levi's .
Great shirt, great value.
Beautiful socks and cute packaging
The inside lining it like a paper material and sounds like im rummaging through 10,000 receipts while looking for something inside. The leather is also very thin not sure how long it will hold up if im being honest.
A nice looking cross and a great way to represent our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.
The fit is bizzare. I am an adult with a very normal athletic build. Im in very good shape. The leg openings are pretty tight but rear area is much bigger than necessary and could accomodate someone wearing diapers. Oddly the waist is a 34 and is comfortable. Id be ashamed to wear these in feont of someone. Wont buy again.
Have small hole just in the first use when bike
Great shirts, especially for the price! Will definitely purchase more down the road.
I've been searching for a new wallet for my husband, and this one fit the bill. Holds all his cards, etc., and isn't thick. Thank you to Greg at Stealth Mode. The wallet was supposed to come on Monday, but it came on the Saturday before Monday. My husband likes it a lot.
Says medium but its actually a small ok I guess
Great product
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