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Assorted Color Feather Hair Extensions
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the custom t shirt shop

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the custom t shirt shop
Charity function organizers, school fair project heads, and carnival booth owners are always on the lookout for awesome carnival prizes. If you’re looking for carnival items, H&J Closeouts is the answer to your the custom t shirt shop! Kids of all ages who always go to fairs would surely love our wide range of carnival prizes available at rock bottom prices.

Carnivals and fairs pop up all year round either by foundations, schools, and other organizations always look for booth prizes as well. When planning your next fundraising event. Just remember winning a prize is one of the best feelings . This can make your next fundraiser more interesting and enjoyable for families.
the custom t shirt shop
H&J Closeouts provides wholesale items at the lowest prices, making it the perfect price point for any school event or charity function. We not only offers products at the lowest closeout prices. We also provide free shipping!

No longer do you need buy items by the pallet, you can now buy our wholesale goods by the case. With H&J Closeouts, you’re no longer required to buy more than what you need. This is one of the reasons dropshippers, distributors, and small storeowners always go to H&J Closeouts for their wholesale carnival needs. What more could you ask for?  

We’re not limited to distributors and retailers, too. Regular customers are free to buy our closeout items as well. Since you can purchase them at bulk prices with easy processing and ordering, you’re not only helping to make your event more entertaining, but you’re also saving time and money at the same time!

the custom t shirt shop

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These T-shirts are the bomb. They are soft, big and comfy for my big fat body. I love them.
Great hat for my big head. The flex" fit head band is OK. Wish it was a fixed size.
Great Hat. Recommend
Just did not fit well, nor did they stand up to wear.
They are as tough as they claim and they are comfortable socks. I bought them because my feet sweat a lot and I was looking for a sock that would keep me from feeling soggy. Unfortunately, these socks did not save me from excessive perspiration. I'm starting to think nothing made by mortal hands can fix that.
I would not recommend them for athletic activities since they slide around in your shoe if they get sweaty.
Great products brought this as a gift
This was supposed to be a Christmas gift, luckily I opened the box soon enough to see the packaging they came in - a rip-sleeve (like a seasoning packet). This just screams "cheap, assembly-line" and while that might be what one should expect from jewelry at such this price, it just isn't befitting a gift for someone else. If I were a fan of this kind of jewelry, I'd have no problem with it - so I'm not shaming anyone - just pointing out that it would have been nice if the pictures/description of the item were forthcoming about *all* aspects of its appearance.
Little bit difficult to sort the card inside.
super cute
Fits well and is perfect for this Midwest weather.
Little smaller than expected...stone looks very cheap but, hey, I didnt pay much I guess
Comfortable shirts, as always with Fruit of the Loom. I tend to purchase the Pocket Tees with fit slightly differently. These are a bit longer than I like but still happy with the purchase.
LOVE IT! so glad I purchased this item. Its exactly what I needed. Super comfy and lightweight.
For the price its a nice ring. Shiny and fits well, but scratches very easily
This is my second time I've purchased this. Fit perfectly. No complaints. I always wear black since I find a it challenging to find clothes that matches my skin tone
I was always loosing, dropping, breaking my glasses. Would put them on my head of tucked in my shirt collar. Readerest stay in place, hold my glasses securely and allow for easy access. I get asked about them all the time. People want to know where to buy them. I should have stock in the company with the amount of people I have referred.
Nice and comfortable
Fit good and look good
These socks are the best for my hard working hubbys feet. His feet are kept dry even after 14+ hours laborious of work on his feet. And he says they are very comfortable and not too thick or thin so he can wear with a work boot or a regular shoe like Vans, comfortably. Weve been buying this brand for him for about 5 years now and will continue to be loyal customers. We buy from Amazon or Macys depending on who has the lowest price at the time. A pack of 6 will last him about 8 months to a year (with extreme daily use) use before they get holes.
These belts are great. High quality in the nylon belt material as well as the plastic belt buckle. The nylon has a bit of a sheen to it, so it doesn't look like canvas. The buckle holds tight which is what I had been concerned about. Would definitely recommend this belt.
Great value. Would buy it again
Great night time vision glasses
Happy with this purchase
Very shiny, words and arrows are carved in deeply, no chance of them rubbing or fading out over time. Feels very sturdy. I love it!
I have 3 daughters
Nice fit, cool colors.
It is a large bag as stated but I absolutely love it! The leather is very nice and is great quality. I love the gray! Very classic, appealing tote/handbag. 5 s, highly recommend.
Great little backpack. My teen daughter uses it instead of a purse. Perfect for her needs.
Like: Everything about these - cool, dry, easy to hand wash if necessary. Perfect fit, functional.

Dislike: These get wrinkled extremely easily, but this is a very minor downside.

Recommend to: Anybody / everybody! Especially travelers.
These are nice quality but seem to run a bit large. I will try the non relaxed fit. I will also keep washing in hot water to see if I can shrink them some.