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11 lbs of Assorted Misprinted keychains
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designer leather mules

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designer leather mules

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designer leather mules

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So fair I like the socks. Once I wash them I will have a better opinion.
Never thought Id leave a review for socks, but these are so comfortable!!! Highly recommend.
Nice hat
Love my new Wayfarers, like another buyer said they are perfect for my car since its polarized already. They have the right amount of darkness to remove the glare from the sun but maintains the colors and feels amazing. I LOVE THEM!!!
I got these to wear to a wedding. They are so beautiful. Unlike many brands of costume jewelry, these did not irritate my pierced ears as others often do. The 14K yellow gold plating is classy. It came with 2 sets of earring backs and in a very pretty box that would be perfect for gift giving. I got lots of compliments on this set. I had searched all over town for something similar and could not find anything this nice for the price. Would buy these again as a gift for someone special.
These are a great bargain, bought them for my husband and he said they are very comfortable so much so we bought 5 pairs all together.
Good quatily
These broke after not much use. Had to order new ones.
Bigger men? - Go a size up and do not dry them
I was skeptical of how useful these were actually going to be, but I was surprised. I wore the different pairs over the weeks, and eventually decided I needed more of these types of briefs. Their comfortable, and honestly, I think the "cool" feature isn't just words, but in fact works as intended.
I would totally suggest these for anyone experiencing any kind of issues of sweat down there!
Very comfy. A little stiff out of the box, but just wash it a few times and it softens right up. This is a great robe.
My daughter likes it but it took forever to get here!
Wonderful design. Very impressed with the craftsmanship! Thank you.
Fit perfect
We'll made
This is a nice hat if you're worried about shade more than fashion. I have a medium-sized head for a woman though, and this is a little too big in medium. I can tighten it to fit around, but it still pushes down on top of my ears and comes down too far on my forehead. I don't know if it's just the fit, but the strap attachments hit right above my ears rather than in front or behind them. They do just tie on so I would probably have to remove that if I kept the hat. I do not like the large logo in front. Why not put a small one on the side or back? Also, the band just around the inside of the hat needs a couple of stitches to keep it flat because it kept bending down as I was trying it on. I'm not sure why I found that annoying since it doesn't matter once the hat is on, but I did. Overall I think I'll try another hat rather than sizing down in this one.
They seem to be nice handkerchiefs with a nice brand name. I hope they last as well as the cheap store-brand I bought 5+ years ago.
This is a great wallet. Your credit cards are secure in a zippered pouch, and it is small enough to fit in your back pocket if you want to ditch your purse.
I truly love this bag! It's hip and classy.
It was broke when I got them in the mail
I was not happy to be honest. Need a new pair
I bought 4 pairs of UA , all M size. This one looks like a Large
Just slightly thinner than I like but really not bad for the price. Exceptional value.
Works as advertised. Takes getting used to, ships quick. Don't use everyday.
My grandson loves it!! It's beautiful!
Perfect fit thick and comfortable socks.
Wasn't sure exactly the size until I received. I was so pleased!! Size is on larger side which is perfect for all my stuff!! Colors are beautiful n even more vibrant than pictured!! Love inside contrasting pattern too!!! Would not change a thing!!
I love this hat. Went hiking for 5 days and wore this hat -- it wasn't hot wearing the hat (like most hats are) and it certainly kept me from getting sunburned. I definitely recommend this hat!
Definitely not the prodict I thoygbt I ordered, but I really need socks so I'm stuck with them riding up my ankles.
Light weight
Nice fitting sweatshirt. Warm and cozy.
Super soft and easy to turn right-side / wrong-side out to change the color. The zippered pouch is pretty and perfect to use as a clutch alone, or as a matching wallet with this bag. I might get one for my bestie too!
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