diy shoe painting

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Seems to get smaller with every wash
Got for friend for birthday. He loves it! Warm and comfortable. Good quality for price
This is the best suspenders I have used, the only down side was that one of the clips was reversed. The Velcro sticks very well, there is no way this will come undone.
Nice shorts but a little too short
as described
SUCKS. doesn't stay together, falls apart, i lost three keys off of it. Not worth it. Just a gimmick.
Love it. Fits great. Will buy again!
Sock heaven!! super comfy
Coming apart on the inside liner.
but I like the look of the handbag
Reference: I am 6'3" ~210lbs jeans are 34/36, not buff but not wimpy.

These fit great. They are not to tight nor to loose. On me the ends go about 2" below my belt (they scrunch of so it doesnt really matter)
Great kids watch. Well made for the price. Fits my 11 year old daughters wrist perfectly.
Bought this as a gift for our daughter. She loves it!
great size. Not as bulky as many of the wallets, but still holds the cards, bills and coins.
love em as described, as promised
If you look carefully at the picture (which I obviously did not) one of the straps is on wrong. The buckles should both be on the front with the rivets on the back but instead but instead there's a buckle and a rivet on the front and a buckle and a rivet on the back. It looks ridiculous and I'm sending it back..careless workmanship!!!
I ordered a size up based on some of the reviews here, but did not share their experience. There was minor shrinkage after a couple washings, but not enough to reduce an XXL down to an XL, which is my normal size. Unfortunately, I had to pass these on to someone else, but I will be buying more in my usual size because they seem comfortable, well made, and good quality for the price.
Good deal
Fits slightly big
The handle is sturdy and I like the design. Loved the number of compartments in the bag and it is just the right size.
Exactly what I wanted. Shiny and sparkly!
Received belt. It looks great! Haven't cut it to fit yet.
I'm stoked the item shipped as promised. However the color is definitely not purple as in the picture description. In addition, the ski mask fitted too tight in the neck area & too loose on top. I'm kinda nervous about the rest of my order of different colors and different holes, that I'm expecting to arrive the next 2 days. Hopefully the others won't be as bad.
These are beautiful!!! Love them so much I bought them for my daughter.
Best man panties for a fat man.
To big
Usual good quality product from FotL.
I loved this lightweight bag for Disney
The best shorts for camping and picking up camping dates! Wore these WITH a shirt on Friday night and picked up two girls. Saturday NO shirt...picked up four. Must be the power of these shorts. Highly recommend buying a couple pairs.
Over priced